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Denis Greene presents the keynote: Wheelie through the baboons - The "Innovation on Command" methodology of high achievers.



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Consulting, Training, Retreat

Dr. Maria Hunt brings her 30 years experience as an educator, trainer and consultant to deliver a comprehensive innovation capacity  development experience.

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Our Original Academic Research

Link to the original document as published in "The International Journal of Innovation Education and Research."  http://www.ijier.net/index.php/ijier/issue/view/48 The data, academic research references, conclusions, and groundbreaking discovery.

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The Problem

Since 2000, 51% of the Fortune 500 has tanked, 47% of current jobs will be obsolete in the next 15 years, 67% of all men at retirement judge themselves as living in quiet desperation.

An IBM survey of 1500 CEOs identified creative problem solving/innovation as the most important skill of future leaders.

Most innovation research examines college students instead of proven consistent innovators.

Companies state that they value innovation but do not equip their knowledge workers with innovation skills and tools. 

The Solution

  • See the data we gathered from consistent top achievers.
  • Hear the specific case studies: From NASA, to Wall Street, to Carnegie Hall, to the Patent Office.
  • Feel the shift when you practice the "Innovation on Command" cognitive strategies.
  • Increase your innovation output, transcend your potential.

What they are saying about "Innovation on Command"

"Denis Greene gave the only presentation I have ever heard that was scientific, practical and hilarious." Bob Lystad, Axis Capital

"The stories about the motorcycle trip across Africa, wrestling alligators and meeting his wife made the keynote speech about innovation like a technicolor movie." Dan Ryan, attorney

"Denis a rarity, a scientist with a sense of humor. Dave Mullins, President KCPC

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